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    Yellow Springs Dental Care
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Fluoride Varnish Prevents Cavities

Before cavities form, the weak spot turns chalky whiteFluorides have been used for many years to help prevent dental decay. Today, most dental professionals apply fluoride in their offices as a foam, gel or varnish. fluoride%20varnish.jpg

The exciting news is that White Spots on teeth can be REMINERALIZED  and healed BEFORE the hole in the tooth forms. The Product used to heal teeth and prevent cavities is called MI Paste.

Fluoride varnish (5% sodium fluoride) has been widely used in Europe for several decades and its use is increasing in the United States.   It is painted onto the tooth surface and sets up as soon as a child's mouth closes.

We at Yellow Springs Dental Care use Fluoride varnish because it offers several advantages over other professionally applied fluorides:

  1. Varnish now comes in child-friendly flavors and is easily tolerated, especially by infants, toddlers and developmentally disabled children.
  2. We find it easy to use and fast to apply. Fluoride varnish can be swabbed directly on the teeth in less than 3 minutes and sets within a minute of contact with saliva. Gels and foams require use of suction, air-drying the teeth, trays that may trigger gag reflexes and several minutes of contact with the teeth.
  3. Fluoride varnish is safe and poses less risk of an adverse reaction because only a small amount is used and less is swallowed.
  4. It can be applied in any setting and does not require the use of dental equipment or instruments.



The slight coloration will be gone when the varnish wears off. The child shouldn’t eat or drink anything for 30-60 minutes, and ask the parent to refrain from brushing the child’s teeth for about 12 hours. Varnish applications are most effective if done twice a year, which can be coordinated with other visits.

Children who did not receive fluoride varnish were nearly four times more likely to develop tooth decay than those assigned to receive it twice per year (four treatments over two years).

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