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    Yellow Springs Dental Care
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America's Worst Teeth


Where the Teeth Bite


Rank  City                       Grade

100      Lubbock, TX         F

99        Philadelphia, PA    F

98        Spokane, WA       F

97        Salt Lake City, UT F

96        Jackson, MS         F

95        El Paso, TX           F

94        Portland, OR         F

93        Tulsa, OK             D-

92        Tucson, AZ           D-

91        Baton Rouge, LA   D-

90        Los Angeles, CA   D-

89        San Antonio, TX    D-

88        St. Louis, MO       D-

87        Dallas, TX             D-

86        Tampa, FL            D-

85        Jersey City, NJ      D-

84        Denver, CO           D-

83        St. Petersburg, FL D

82        Oklahoma City, OK      D

81        Billings, MT           D

80        Pittsburgh, PA       D

79        Miami, FL             D

78        Boston, MA          D

77        Kansas City, MO  D+

76        Newark, NJ          D+

75        Austin, TX             D+

74        Fresno, CA           D+

73        Sacramento, CA    D+

72        Birmingham, AL     D+

71        Buffalo, NY           D+

70        Corpus Christi, TX        D+

69        Houston, TX          C-

68        Louisville, KY        C-

67        Rochester, NY      C-

66        Bangor, ME           C-

65        Riverside, CA        C-

64        Burlington, VT       C-

63        Memphis, TN        C-

62        Orlando, FL          C-

61        Baltimore, MD       C-

60        Montgomery, AL   C

59        Milwaukee, WI      C

58        Detroit, MI            C

57        Cincinnati, OH       C

56        Fort Worth, TX     C

55        Oakland, CA         C

54        Albuquerque, NM C

53        Chicago, IL           C

52        Phoenix, AZ          C

51        Cheyenne, WY      C

50        Columbia, SC        C+

49        Modesto, CA        C+

48        Honolulu, HI          C+

47        Bakersfield, CA     C+

46        Norfolk, VA          C+

45        Las Vegas, NV      C+

44        Fort Wayne, IN     C+

43        Richmond, VA       C+

42        Charleston, WV     C+

41        Lexington, KY       C+

40        Greensboro, NC    C+

39        Indianapolis, IN     B-

38        Hartford, CT         B-

37        Little Rock, AR     B-

36        Anaheim, CA         B-

35        Washington, DC    B-

34        New York, NY     B-

33        Atlanta, GA           B-

32        San Jose, CA        B-

31        Providence, RI       B-

30        Arlington, TX         B-

29        San Diego, CA      B-

28        Wilmington, DE     B

27        Seattle, WA           B

26        Cleveland, OH       B

25        Fremont, CA         B

24        Manchester, NH    B

23        Toledo, OH           B

22        Durham, NC          B

21        Boise, ID               B

20        San Francisco, CA        B

19        Columbus, OH      B

18        Wichita, KS           B+

17        Colorado Springs, CO  B+

16        Omaha, NE           B+

15        Jacksonville, FL     B+

14        Sioux Falls, SD      B+

13        Des Moines, IA     B+

12        Lincoln, NE           B+

11        Anchorage, AK     B+

America's BEST TEETH

Rank  City                      Grade

10        Minneapolis, MN   B+

9          Fargo, ND             A-

8          Grand Rapids, MI  A-

7          Yonkers, NY         A-

6          Charlotte, NC        A-

5          Aurora, CO           A-

4          St. Paul, MN         A

3          Raleigh, NC           A+

2          Nashville, TN        A+

1          Madison, WI         A+

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