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    Yellow Springs Dental Care
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ObamaCare Omits Dental Care

The Regulations determine how the program will be administered, are still being created -- but they only deal with children's dentistry.  If you are an adult, to use the President's favorite phrase: "You're on your Own."

The Reform of the US Health Care System,  when it is fully implemented, will require everyone to purchase a Medical Insurance Policy.  This feature is the so-called Individual Mandate that will insure the medical needs of everyone.

However there is no individual Mandate for DENTAL CARE,  only a provision for children's dental care after 2014. If everyone were required to have a Dental Insurance Policy, there would be no financial reason for ignoring or postponing dental services.  However there are many folks who seek dental care only when prompted by pain,even though they have may already have dental insurance.

There is no reason why this glaring omission of coverage is allowed to remain.  Since we already borrow to subsidize health, just borrowing a little more from the Chinese could give comprehensive dental coverage for all Americans.  As it is, Dental Maladies will still pose a threat to Americans health.

 And what happens in the mouth, doesn't stay in the mouth.

When the cost of our health care is transferred to our great-grand-children, they would not even notice the small increment added for our dentistry.

Besides, our great-grand-children will already be in an enormous snit at us over the fact that we will have used up all the Fossil Fuels



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