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    Yellow Springs Dental Care
    General Dentist
    1030 Xenia Avenue,PO Box 839
    Yellow Springs, Ohio
    Telephone: 937.767.7731 
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Medical College of Georgia
School of Dentistry
Augusta, GA  30912

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Becoming a Patient 

Thank you for your interest in the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry. We would like to accept you for treatment if your needs can be resolved in a student teaching program and if your schedule will allow you to be here for extended appointments. Our goal will be to provide you with high quality treatment at a reduced fee. The dental treatment is provided by students and residents under the close supervision of our expert teaching staff of the Dental School.

First, we need to evaluate your dental needs to assure that you may benefit from our student services. To do this we will need to see you for about two hours to find out what your needs are. You can help us speed up this screening process by filling out an application (call 706-721-2371 to have an application mailed to you) and mailing it back to us.

The application is for a "screening" exam and does not guarantee acceptance as a patient. Dental x-rays and a more detailed examination may be necessary before being accepted as a patient. Priority is given to applicants with dental problems which fit our teaching programs.

Our time requirements are extensive; therefore, the cooperation and understanding of the patient is necessary. You may be asked to be available for appointments one morning or afternoon each week (Monday-Friday), 1-4 hours for 6-12 months. You should be seen at least once a month. The fees charged for care reflect a ($) saving to compensate you for your time. However, if you cannot devote the required amount of time, we suggest you arrange for private dental care.

After you are accepted, you may be assigned to a student. This student will contact you and schedule your appointments. Because of the rigid requirements on the student's time, we require that patients must notify the student at least two school days in advance when it is necessary to reschedule an appointment. To serve everyone better, repeated tardiness or two broken appointments may result in termination of treatment.

If you think you have a dental emergency, this not the appropriate application. Please call 706-721-2371 for information about our Emergency Dental Service. If you are not contacted within four months of submitting your application, please assume our waiting list for your particular problem(s) is too long. In this case we urge you to seek care elsewhere before your problems become more complex. 



Emergency Dental Care

The Emergency Dental Clinic is open weekday afternoons for patients in pain and/or in need of emergency treatment. To be treated in the emergency clinic, please call (706) 721-2371 promptly at 8:00 a.m. the morning of the day you wish to be seen. Calls are answered in the order in which they are received beginning at 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Emergency Clinic opens at 12:30 p.m. Patients are seen in the order of arrival for clinic. The average estimated cost is $100.00 (charges may be higher or lower depending on the treatment provided). Payment is expected at time services are rendered.


Dental emergencies are treated in the school during normal clinic hours when the school is open. Evenings, weekends, holidays and other days when the school is closed, emergency patients may be seen through the Emergency Department at  the Medical College of Georgia.

Evenings and weekends: The patient should call his assigned student, who will call the Paging and Locator Service (706) 721-3893, to have the operator page the on-call oral surgery resident. If necessary, the student will meet the patient at the MCG Hospital Emergency Department. The resident will supervise the emergency treatment and/or suggest appropriate consultation. Should it be impossible for the patient to contact the student after normal school hours, the patient should call MCG Emergency Services at (706) 721-3893 and ask the operator to page the oral surgery resident on-call. Emergency treatment will be accomplished in the Medical College of Georgia Hospital. Patients will be charged by the Medical College of Georgia Hospital for these services.

Emergency care when the school is open, but students are on break: 
Patients of record experiencing emergency dental problems should contact the Patient Admissions Office at (706) 721-2371 and schedule an appointment for emergency treatment. The patient will be triaged by a member of the Oral Diagnosis and Patient Services faculty and taken to the appropriate department for treatment.



Patient Screening and Assignment

The information collected at your first appointment will be sent to the Patient Services Office where your dental needs will be matched to a dental student's needs. Assigning a patient to a student depends on the needs of the student. Therefore, a waiting period may be necessary. If we cannot assign you within four months, you will be notified. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all people awaiting assignment will be accepted for treatment. If you have questions regarding your assignment of care, call Patient Admissions at (706) 721-2371.

At the School of Dentistry, the students are expected to care for all your dental needs. The order of your treatment depends on your needs and will usually proceed as follows:

  1. Assessment of dental needs (1-2 visits)
    • Interview
    • History
    • Examination
    • Radiographs
    • Preventive oral health instructions
  2. Presentation of diagnosis (1 visit)
    • Recommended treatment options
    • Expected cost
    • Time commitment
  3. Oral health care
    • Professional cleaning
    • Periodontal (gum) treatment
  4. Surgery (such as extractions)
  5. Restorative dentistry (fillings and crowns)
  6. Prosthodontics–tooth replacement with bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures


Payment for Services

Business Office: (706) 721-0502  |  Insurance Office: (706) 721-0345

Patients must understand their financial obligations for dental services before treatment begins so they may plan their finances accordingly. Individual treatment plans and fees will be discussed with patients before treatment begins. In general, the following guidelines will apply:

  1. Payment for each appointment will be made, in full, on the day of the appointment. Payment may be made with cash, check or credit card.
  2. Limited installment plans for payment of extensive treatment plans may be arranged in the Business Office, before treatment begins.
  3. Patients with verified dental insurance may specify that the payments be made directly to the dental school. In order to verify insurance coverage, patients must provide the Business Office with their personalized insurance identification card during their initial appointment in the dental school. Payments made by the insurance company will be credited to the patients' account with the balance payable to the patient. As most insurance companies do not pay 100% of dental treatment fees, patients are responsible for the total amount due, regardless of insurance coverage.
  4. Patients may make payment arrangement with an outside financial institution, commercial bank or credit card company





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