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    Yellow Springs Dental Care
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1030 Xenia Avenue
P.O. Box: 839
Yellow Springs

Southern Illinois University
School of Dental Medicine
2800 College Avenue
Alton, IL  62002



SIU School of Dental Medicine

Resources for Patients


Most patient care is provided in the Main Clinic in Alton, with 72 patient-care stations. The Advanced Care Wing of the Main Clinic opened in 2006 and houses an additional 24 patient-care stations, allowing us to better serve our patients, especially those in need of specialty consultations and advanced treatments. 

Diagnosis, treatment planning, surgery, and prosthodontic treatment for implant dentistry are all offered through our Implant Program, based in the Advanced Care Wing of our Main Clinic in Alton.  Our East St. Louis Dental Clinic offers access to dental care for patients in an underserved community.

Dental school patient care requires longer appointments and more time to render comprehensive dental treatment. However, patients will pay lower fees for dental procedures of very high quality.

During Fiscal Year 2008, the SIU dental school saw over 8,300 patients and managed nearly 35,000 patient appointments. Medicaid covered 27 percent of these patients.

Becoming a Patient

An extensive variety of dental services is offered to the public by Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. Although a part of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, the School of Dental Medicine is located in historic Alton, Illinois, former setting of Shurtleff College. The School's mission is to educate future dentists who will practice in small towns in southern Illinois.

The School of Dental Medicine is an educational institution and therefore, requires longer appointments and more time to render comprehensive dental treatment than may be necessary in a private dental office. However, patients will pay lower fees for dental procedures at the School. An initial screening appointment is available to anyone; however, it is during that appointment that it is determined whether the patient is accepted for regular treatment, based on the teaching needs of the School, patient's time availability, patient's health and the complexity of the patient's dental needs.

The first step in becoming a patient is to schedule an initial screening appointment. Prospective patients are scheduled as soon as possible.

Initial Appointment - Screening

The initial screening appointment consists of an evaluation by a faculty member. At this time, the educational value of your dental needs is determined. You will be informed that you are accepted for all or part of the treatment you need; or in the event that your dental needs would not serve as a good teaching case, it will be suggested that you seek outside care. Some medical problems or treatment which is too complex for our teaching program are examples of possible reasons the patient may not be accepted.

If you are not accepted for care, there is no charge. If you are accepted for care, there is a charge for oral diagnosis (medical history review), x-rays and treatment planning which will occur over several appointments.

For screening appointments and information, call (618) 474-7000.

Treatment Planning Appointment

After you have completed oral diagnosis and have had the necessary x-rays, you will be scheduled for a treatment planning appointment. During this appointment you will be examined by students and faculty to determine your dental needs. Your proposed treatment will be explained to you and you will be required to sign an informed consent and a treatment plan which describes your needs and the estimated cost. Fees are evaluated on an annual basis and your treatment may vary from the original proposed treatment plan; therefore, your cost may be greater than originally estimated.

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The Community Dentistry Program

Dr. Poonam Jain

Director, Dr. Poonam Jain

The Community & Preventive Dentistry
 community outreach program continues to improve access to quality oral health for over 8,000 men, women, and children annually through educational programs, oral cancer screenings and/or oral health treatments. 

The spring semester is always a blur of activity for the Community & Preventive Dentistry program.  In February, the School of Dental Medicine actively participates in National Children’s Dental Health Month, a program which brings hundreds of children on campus to receive free dental care.  As the program proceeds in April, the School of Dental Medicine participates in the March of Dimes Walk America, diligently pursuing volunteers and donations from the campus community.  During the month of May, the School of Dental Medicine facilitates Special Olympics Special Smiles, offering oral health screenings for all Special Olympics Illinois athletes participating in the Southwestern/Area 12 Spring Games. 

Also during spring semester, the School of Dental Medicine’s Year I students begin their clinical experiences as part of Community Dentistry II, a course in which the students perform preventive procedures on children at the M and M dental clinic in Litchfield and in a school sealant grant program at Prather Elementary School in Granite City. 

Further, every year, students and faculty participate in ten or more additional community events, including Illinois State Dental Society sponsored oral cancer screenings at the Illinois State Fair and the Central Illinois Senior Celebration, as well as a number of other health fairs and school presentations.

Perhaps the highlight of the Community Outreach program is the annual “Give Kids A Smile Day” in February.  “Give Kids A Smile Day” is a one-day event organized to provide free dental treatment for underserved children.  Each year, “Give Kids A Smile Day” treats hundreds of area children, providing thousands of dollars worth of free dental treatment, 


Rights and Responsibilities

Patient's Rights

We the students, staff and faculty of the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine are dedicated to ensuring that you not only receive quality dental care but are treated in a professional manner. Toward this goal we are committed to the following Patient's Rights:

1. Each patient must be treated with respect and consideration at all times.

2. All information pertaining to each patient's diagnosis and treatment is confidential.

3. Treatment should be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

4. Each patient shall have access to complete and current information pertaining to his/her condition.

5. Each patient will be given an estimated cost for all treatment. Fees may be increased before all treatment is completed.

6. Each patient or his/her guardian must sign an informed consent before the initiation of any treatment.

7. If the School of Dental Medicine cannot provide comprehensive treatment, each patient will be given a full explanation and recommendations on how to resolve his/her particular problem.

8. The recommended comprehensive treatment plan will be discussed with each patient. If indicated, alternate modes of treatment will be explained as well as the problems which may result if the patient elects not to have treatment performed.

9. Each patient is given the opportunity initially to receive comprehensive dental care. If the patient wishes limited care, this can be arranged within acceptable guidelines of proper dental treatment.

10. The School of Dental Medicine must meet the standard of care in the dental profession.

11. Each active patient will have access to 24 hours-per-day emergency care.

12. Each patient has access to a patient advocate who will assist in the resolution of problems or refer the patient to the appropriate person for resolution.

Patient Responsibilities

After you have agreed and signed a formal treatment plan, a dental student will be assigned to provide your comprehensive dental care.

Because of the restricted schedules of the students and the time required for actual treatment, it is important that patients avoid canceling and/or breaking any dental appointments. Patients generally should be available at least two half days per month. Patients will be given verbal and written notice if they are having problems with keeping appointments. The School of Dental Medicine reserves the right to discontinue treatment permanently for any patient who, in our judgment, cancels or breaks appointments excessively.

If you have problems your dental student cannot solve, please call our Patient Advocate at (618) 474-7081 for individualized assistance. Your satisfaction with your dental care is important to us.

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Payment for Services

Patients are required to pay at the time of treatment. The more costly procedures are paid on a 50/50 basis; that is, half the amount is paid when the procedure is started and the remaining half is paid prior to final processing in the laboratory. Examples of these procedures are dentures and crowns. Master Card and Visa may be used for the patients' convenience. Insurance forms are submitted by the Clinic Business Office. Patients whose dental treatment is covered by insurance are required to pay when treatment is performed, just as patients without such coverage. Reimbursement is then sent directly to the patient from the insurance company. The School of Dental Medicine also accepts the Illinois Department of Public Aid green card as payment for covered services. Services which are not covered by Public Aid will be the responsibility of the patient.

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Locations & Parking


Parking for patients of the School of Dental Medicine is at the south entrance of the dental clinic. To reach the parking lot, enter Annex Street from College Avenue. The clinic is the second building on the right and the patient parking lot is just after the building. A ramp is available for patients restricted to wheelchairs. To enter the clinic, proceed through the doors located off the parking lot and register at the office on the left.

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Emergency Care

Patients who are assigned to a student for comprehensive dental care are provided 24 hour emergency care by the School of Dental Medicine.

Patients who are not regular clinic patients and are experiencing pain or discomfort may obtain limited treatment at the School of Dental Medicine.

An appointment at the earliest possible time will be arranged by phone. Emergency care is designed to alleviate pain and infection and is not definitive dental care. If further treatment is necessary after emergency care is rendered, the patient may obtain a screening examination appointment as previously described. The School of Dental Medicine is not obligated to assume responsibility for continued treatment following the rendering of emergency care.

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Inclement Weather

If Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is closed due to inclement weather, the School of Dental Medicine will not be open and all appointments will be cancelled. Patients should listen to the radio when the weather is questionable to avoid an unnecessary trip to the clinic.



Implant Program

The Implant Program, an integral part of the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine, is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive educational opportunities in the placement and restoration of dental implants for our undergraduate and postgraduate students and for area practitioners.  Through these educational opportunities, the Dental Implant Program functions as a regional support network for the advancement of dental implant studies and practice in southern Illinois and the surrounding region.

Fellowship in Implant Dentistry

The Fellowship in Implant Dentistry is a one-year, clinically oriented program in which implant fellows perform all phases of implant dentistry. Fellows are selected for training each year from a nationwide applicant pool. The responsibilities of the fellows include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance of advanced patient care in implant dentistry and related clinical disciplines under supervision of the faculty of the implant program.
  • Clinical supervision of implant procedures performed by AEGD graduate students and undergraduate students.
  • Organization and facilitation of journal reviews and seminars in implant dentistry.
  • Participation in clinical and/or laboratory research in implant dentistry leading to publication and/or presentation.
  • Participation in didactic and preclinical laboratory education in implant dentistry for undergraduate students.

Applicants to the SIU School of Dental Medicine Fellowship in Implant Dentistry must complete the attached Implant Fellowship Application.

Ongoing Educational Opportunities

The Dental Implant Program sponsors an ongoing schedule of continuing education opportunities:

  • Full day courses featuring local, national and international lecturers.

  • Clinical Courses
  • Multiple Day Scientific Meetings

Research Commitment

The faculty members who support the Implant Program believe that it is not only our goal, but our duty to continually search for and attempt to provide significant advancements in the field of implant dentistry through ongoing research efforts. This Implant Program is dedicated to the exploration of both basic and applied research that will refine biomaterials and techniques, thus improving the long-term stability, function and esthetics of dental implants and related prostheses.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Robert L. Blackwell, D.D.S.
Acting Director of Implant Dentistry
C/O Jill Thirion
Southern Illinois University
School of Dental Medicine
2800 College Avenue, Building 273
Alton, IL 62002

Phone: (618) 474-7164
FAX: (618) 474-7249

Faculty Directory

Departments & Faculty

Faculty Directory


Ann M. Boyle, B.A., D.M.D., M.A., Dean
Bruce E. Rotter, D.M.D., M.S., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Eric M. Langenwalter, B.A., D.M.D., M.S., Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Projects
Debra M. Schwenk, B.S., D.M.D., M.S., M.P.A., Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
Cornell C. Thomas, B.A., D.D.S., Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Services
Kenneth W. Holbert, B.S., M.B.A., Executive Director for Administration, Finance and Operations

Department Chairs

R. Duane Douglas, D.M.D., M.Sc., Chair of the Department of Restorative Dentistry
David Jenkins, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Growth, Development & Structure
Dwight E. McLeod, B.A., D.D.S., M.S., Chair of the Department of Applied Dental Medicine


Keith W. Dickey, B.S., D.D.S., M.B.A., Director of Continuing Education & Alumni Services
Gary M. Fischer, B.S., D.M.D., Director of Advanced Education in General Dentistry
John F. Hatton, B.A., D.M.D., Director of the Graduate Endodontic Program
Poonam Jain, B.D.S., M.S., Director of Community & Preventive Dentistry
Robert L. Blackwell, B.S., D.D.S., Acting Director of Implant Dentistry
D. Douglas Miley, B.A., D.M.D., M.S., Director of the Graduate Periodontic Program
Sue Rieken, B.S., D.M.D., Director of Patient Management Teams

School of Dental Medicine Faculty

Adams, James E., B.S., D.D.S.
Banker, Jeffrey, B.A., D.D.S., M.S.
Belcher, Mark A., B.S., D.D.S.
Beyersdorfer, Kevin C., B.S., D.D.S.
Blackwell, Robert L., B.S., D.D.S.
Boyle, Ann M., B.A., D.M.D., M.A.
Bryant, Keith, A.S., D.M.D.
Burton, Jonathan W., D.M.D.
Cajigal, Steven, B.A., D.D.S.
Caldieraro, John B., B.A.,D.M.D.
Conway, Stephen M., B.A., D.M.D.
DeClue, James W., B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Dickey, Keith W., B.S., D.D.S., M.B.A.
Dixon, Debra A., B.S., D.M.D., M.Sc.
Douglas, R. Duane, D.M.D., M.Sc.
Drake, Dean W., B.S., D.M.D.
Drum, Deryl W., B.S., D.D.S.
Dunivan, D. Scott, B.S., D.M.D.
First, Louise, D.M.D.
Fischer, Gary M., B.S., D.M.D.
Foley, Andrea, B.S., D.M.D.
Froemling, Robert A., A.B., D.D.S.
Garcia, Miryam N., D.D.S.
Gautam, Medha, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Gillespie, M. Jane, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Goebel, William M., D.D.S., M.S.D.
Guilbeault, David G., D.M.D.
Hatton, John F., B.A., D.M.D.
Henley, Gary M., B.S., D.D.S.
Hinz, Jessica G., B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Hoffman, Steven M., B.S., D.M.D.
Hopp, Christa D., B.S., D.M.D.
Huebener, Donald V., D.D.S., M.S., M.A.Ed.
Jain, Poonam, B.D.S., M.S.
Jain, Rajneesh, M.B., B.S., M.S.
Jenkins, David B., B.S., Ph.D.
Keene, Joseph K., Jr., , M.S.
Kelsheimer, David L., D.D.S.
Ketteman, Daniel E., B.S., D.D.S.
Knobeloch, Dennis, D.M.D.
Land, Martin F., D.D.S., M.S.D.
Langenwalter, Eric M., B.A., D.M.D., M.S.
Lawler, William, B.A., D.D.S.
Markarian, John R., A.B., D.M.D.

McLeod, Dwight E., B.A., D.D.S., M.S.
Miley, D. Douglas, B.A., D.M.D., M.S.
Misischia, Arthur J., B.S., D.M.D
Newquist, Lawrence E., B.S., D.M.D.
Oge, Aaron V., B.S., D.M.D.
Osborn, William C., D.M.D.
Otsuka, Allen S., B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Pfitzinger, Walter, D.D.S., M.S.
Poeschl, Charles F., B.S., D.D.S.
Rackauskas, Mary Ann, D.M.D.
Rader, Ryan, B.A., D.M.D., M.S.
Raney, Stephen, B.A., D.M.D.
Ranz, Allan N., D.D.S.
Rapini, Vincent, B.S., D.D.S.
Rawson, Kenneth, B.S., D.M.D.
Reyes, Elio R., D.D.S., M.S.
Rieken, Susan, B.S., D.M.D.
Rodriguez, Francisco, D.D.S.
Roller, Neal W., D.D.S., M.S.
Rotter, Bruce E., D.M.D., M.S.
Rowland, Kevin C., B.A., Ph.D.
Sams, Alvin R., B.S., M.S., D.D.S.
Savoca, Dennis, B.S., D.D.S., M.S.
Schultz, Scott, B.S., D.M.D.
Schwenk, Debra M., B.S., D.M.D., M.S., M.P.A.
Seaton, William W., B.A., D.D.S.
Seckler, Kenneth G., B.S., D.M.D.
Seyer, Bradley A., B.A., D.D.S.
Shafer, Kathy J., D.M.D.
Snyder, Adam M., B.S., D.M.D.
Stanczyk, Jason L., B.S., D.M.D., M.S.
Steinhauer, Tad J., D.M.D.
Stewart, Gregory P., B.S., Ph.D.
Stoeckel, Daniel, B.A., D.D.S.
Studt, Kurt H., A.B., D.D.S., M.S.
Thomas, Cornell C., B.A., D.D.S.
Thornton, Charles B., A.B., D.M.D., M.S.
Tseng, Kevin, M.S., Ph.D., D.D.S.
Varble, Patrick R., D.M.D.
Whitson, S. William, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 
Williams, Russell A., B.A., D.M.D., M.S. 
Wohlford, Brent D., B.S., D.M.D.
Woodlock, Daniel, B.A., D.D.S.

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Emeritus Faculty

Beach, Kenneth E.
Butts, Herbert C.
DeClue, James W.
Elsbach, Henry G.
James, Gaylord J.
Kwapis, Bruno
Maroso, Delmo J.
Martinez, Norman P.
Nelson, James A.
Nelson, Thomas E.
Norman, Richard D.
Savoca, Dennis E.

Endodontic Resident Instructors

Eliot, Colin
Habas, Brian
Petersen, Aric
Remm, Adam
Toole, Katherine
Uhrich, Elizabeth



Adjunct Faculty

Chiles, Alan E.
Colligan, Jeffrey A.
Deahl, S. Thomas
Dyer, Michael H.
Ford, Dayton J.
Green, Rhonda N.
Klein, Russell E.
Naegler, Kristiane
Neill, Clifford G.
Rottschalk, John
Schlueter, Robert R.
Smith, Curtis S.
Tarro, Kent A.
Whitener, Sara J. 
Wolter, Scott M.



Periodontic Resident Instructors

Abril, Edison
AbdulKarim, Hesham
Davis, Ryan
Hull, Brandon
Kim, Yoolim
Menon, Hema
Powers, Lindsay
Puzey, Sarah
Richards, Laura



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